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Soothing Treatments for ulcers

Some people believe stress can cause an ulcer and there are others who do not believe it, but ask anyone with an ulcer if they are stressed about anything and 9 out of 10 will say they are worried about one thing or another in their life. It might be stress bought on by finances, family problems, marital upsets, work or school related stress or peer pressure.

Dr Oz
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Whatever the reason for the stress and the ulcer there is hope for quickly healing the problem.

Some things that may help sooth your ulcer are:

Be careful what you eat. If hot and spicy foods upset your ulcer avoid eating them while your ulcer is raging.

Eat smaller meals more often this could help with stomach pain because food helps neutralize stomach acid.

Drinking milk will sometimes provide a brief relief from the pain but it often comes back later.

Over-the-counter antacids may help some people with their symptoms.

Aspirin and some medications such as iron may upset your stomach when ulcers are active. Avoid taking if you can. If you need an aspirin a day some say using a coated aspirin helps with less stomach upset.

Taking Pepto-Bismol may help coat and sooth most peoples ulcers.

Try not to smoke when you have an ulcer some doctors believe that non-smokers heal faster than smokers do.

Serious symptoms of an ulcer are:

Nausea, vomiting blood, having black stools and blood in stool, stomach pain or burning, dizziness, are a few of the symptoms that accompany an ulcer that is bleeding.

Also an ulcer can cause the person to pass out so beware when driving or operating heavy equipment.

Undue stress will agitate and aggravate an ulcer making it worse.

If you suffer any of the above symptoms or a combination of them visit your primary care physician and seek immediate treatment.

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