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Soothe the winter sorrow

We are experiencing a season that seems to be off of the charts here in Michigan, record low temperatures and record high snowfall numbers. As the fiery of Mother Nature is reaping havoc on the outside, how are you coping inside? Are you saying, “Enough is enough?” Does it feel like this harsh, cold and icy winter will never end?

The beauty in a beach sky is so serene, it speaks to the soul.
The beauty in a beach sky is so serene, it speaks to the soul.

Weather is something we are unable to control, regardless if we’re feeling depressed, it continues to snow!

It is important to accept the season and all it brings, instead of fighting it, to find ways to channel your toxic feelings to gain relief.

Jack Canfield really tapped into something powerful when he wrote his book, Chicken Soup for the Soul. On a cold winter’s day, when the psyche and body is feeling bad, a hot bowl of soup really offers soothing warmth that seems to hug the soul. For me, a hot cup of tea offers similar comfort.

I made a turkey this past week and then turned the leftovers into white chili; this lessened the impact of the latest six inches of snow the storm bestowed upon us.

I brought food to my mom while my boyfriend cleared her driveway and this gifted physical and mental relief to her along with nourishment. She was grateful for the attention, food and company.

Anytime you can share your world with a friend, and theirs with you, this kinship gifts peace and balances the irritating world outside. As busy as my schedule is, especially during the dark, cold winter months, I make a point to find time to catch up with dear friends.

Not everyone is lucky enough to get away from the cold to a warm weather climate but it is likely you have access to the Internet, if so take a virtual trip to a tropical place. Allow your mind to relax as you live a dreamy escape through virtual images of sunny, blue skies and beaches.

Curl up next to the wood burner (or fake fire) with a blanket and a book that favors a restful retreat.

When you struggle with things that are out of your control, it is a losing battle. It is best to accept the season and use its darkness as a time for rest. But, it is important to also understand the value of the sun, remember, you have the option to turn the light on when you feel like you are being devoured by unhealthy thoughts that come from darkness. Let the cold remind you to snuggle up and be okay with the company of you but it is necessary to offset this isolation with the love from friends.

Let us not forget to eat healthy, use supplements when necessary (like when we’re not able to get vitamins this time of year from the sun), exercise and get lots of fluids and rest.

One thing I know for sure, there is an end to this wintery madness and when I look to a warmer horizon to remind me of this, I’m getting closer to spring and soon, it will arrive offering a gift of rebirth and warmth!

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