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Sonya Dakar Flash Facial pampers distressed skin

Sonya Dakar's Flash Facial is a secret weapon to turnaround fatigued skin.
Sonya Dakar's Flash Facial is a secret weapon to turnaround fatigued skin.
Photo by Rochelle Delossantos

With long days multi-tasking back to school mommy duties and putting in the usual work hours, the skin is the first to visibly show signs of fatigue.

Sonya Dakar, Celebrity facialist and owner of the luxurious Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic in Beverly Hills is internationally known as a sought after skin care expert with an A-List clientele to prove it. Her latest product to catch the attention of famous faces is Flash Facial, with quick benefits and lasting results. Every woman should allow at least 60 seconds to beautiful skin and with the Flash Facial, the outcome is well worth the small time investment.

This exfoliating gel is a smart option for combining two necessary actions for beautiful skin. First, the lactic acid and high potency anti-oxidant reservatol create a dual action of renewing the topical skin layer while Hylasome increases moisture level for visibly plump, radiant and youthful skin texture. Unlike the well known ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, Hylasome is a unique skin booster with five times the moisture binding properties.

As always, all ingredients from Sonya Dakar’s skin care products are vegan friendly and paraben free.

On clean, dry skin apply a light layer and let the formula work its magic for up to two minutes. Next, use fingers in circular motions as directed to remove excess product and rinse with warm water. The treatment is safe to incorporate into the daily skin care routine but can also be used to revive dull skin or prior to an important event.