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Sony: we've sold every available PS4 in the US

PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4

Sony sold every PlayStation 4 available in the United States since its launch on November 15 last year, VP of marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment of America John Koller told the PlayStation blog.

Last month, Sony announced that PS4 sold over 4.2 million units by the end of December. It would appear this number has increased exponentially, though we don't know exact figures; however, the company recently revealed that PS4 was the number one selling next-gen console for the month of January, almost double the sales of its runner-up (of which was not stated, though you should be able to guess).

"Globally, we announced last month that we’ve sold through more than 4.2 million units as of the holiday season, making PS4’s launch the biggest in console gaming history," Koller, in an interview with the PS blog, said. "I think the PS4 demand is indicative of how we’ve tapped into something special – and that’s that gamers want to be recognized for their greatness and want to enjoy experiences together."

"We’re looking forward to what 2014 has to offer," he added. "Starting with inFAMOUS Second Son next month, Destiny in the fall and The Order 1886 later in the year . There will be lots more games to come too – more than 100 total in North America this year."

What titles are you most excited for this year? Make some noise down in the comments section.

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