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Sony updates the old school cassette for the new high tech age

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Don't throw that old Walkman out just yet. The cassette tape just got a make-over that could change how we record and listen to music yet again. Sony has taken the once revolutionary cassette and given it a major update that can rival even the biggest iPod memory. It was unveiled at the international magnetics conference, Intermag Europe 2014 on Sunday.

The new 'wonder tape' is 185TB; that's enough room to store about 64,750,000 songs and playing power to last 8,093,750 days...yes, DAYS. It reportedly holds 3,700 times more data than a Blu-ray disc, one of the best formats out there. The preceding average cassette tape lasts a mere 60-90 minutes. The technology information sharing site ITWorld explains how the technology was improved. "By tweaking the sputter conditions and developing a soft magnetic underlayer on the film, the manufacturer was able to create a layer of fine magnetic particles with an average size of 7.7 nanometers."

The product will eventually be released for commercial sale although there is no indication as to when. You can expect that with so much life and memory room, the price will be a hefty one.