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Sony unveils the PSP2, codenamed NGP

Sony's next gen handheld.
Sony's next gen handheld.
Sony, IGN

As predicted, Sony showed off their new handheld at an event in Japan earlier today.

Dubbed the NGP, or "Next Generation Portable," it's slated to launch by the end of this year.


Sony's ditched the sliding design of the PSPGo in favor of the more traditional layout of the original PSP. However, they've added:

  • A second analog stick
  • Touch screen support
  • A touch pad on the system's back
  • Sixaxis motion controls
  • Front-facing and rear-facing cameras
  • Built-in GPS and compass
  • 3G and wifi connectivity

The system was shown playing a number of Playstation 3 games, including Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid 4, so it goes without saying it's got some ridiculous power under the hood. A number of third party developers have pledged support for the NGP.

The games will come on proprietary flash memory cards. There will be no UMD drive, but the system is said to be backwards compatible with PSP titles found on the Playstation Store.

To get more specific info on the NGP's specs (as well as the new Playstation Suite software coming to Android phones), check out IGN's NGP information page here.

MY TAKE: Sony reps have been heard saying the NGP can handle ports of Playstation 3 games. This thing sounds powerful. As a result, this thing sounds expensive. Plus you'll of course need a 3G data plan to use the 3G features.

I like the dual analog sticks and am honestly wondering why Nintendo didn't put them on the 3DS. Everything else seems like the NGP is trying to compete on too many fronts. Nintendo knows that they sell video game systems, and that's why they've always been successful. This thing, however, looks to be gunning for Apple's marketshare as much as Nintendo's.

Bottom line, it's definitely impressive, but I'm straight-up worried about the price. We'll hear more at E3 in June, I guess.


  • Princess Peach 4 years ago

    So if you had to pick one, would you go for the PSP2 or the 3DS?

  • Doug 4 years ago

    As of right now I'd say 3DS, but to be fair there haven't been any real games shown for NGP yet. We'll see what happens at E3.

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