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Sony to release Playstation consoles in China

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It looks like Playstation will be heading to a place they have not been in a very long time. It was announced on Monday that Sony has partnered with Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group Co Ltd to start bringing Playstation consoles to China, which would lift a 14-year ban. Sony has agreed to form two ventures with Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group to start making and selling Playstation consoles. Sony will own 70 percent stake in one venture and 49 percent in the other.

According to a report by Engadget, Sony and OPCD will form two companies. One company will manage and the manufacturing sales of the hardware. The other company will manage the services plus the sales, licensing and distribution of the software.

This announcement is on the heels of Microsoft announcing its plans to release XBOX One in China this September. This is smart move by both Microsoft and Sony because China is the largest potential market with the number of gamers in the country according to Gamespot.

The New York Times reported that China will be a difficult place to sell game consoles. The report said smuggling and piracy is common and gaming in that area is very different from whit is in the United States.

Sony did not reveal when the consoles are expected to hit the market and the company also did not reveal if the Playstation 4 would be sold. But knowing how Sony works, the Playstation consoles could hit the Chinese market before the XBOX One is released.

China originally banned Playstation consoles in 2000 because the country was concerned that video games could have a damaging impact on the physical and mental development of children. After the ban was made, a list was produced that consisted of censorship rules for console games that promoted violence and drug use.