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Sony Tennis Sensor Prototype serves up endless possibilities

Sony getting into tennis with the Tennis Sensor
Sony getting into tennis with the Tennis Sensor
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Sony has always had an interest in the world of tennis, but now they are getting into the business of helping players track and analyze their games with the new Sony Tennis Sensor which is being shown for the first time this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The Tennis Sensor attaches to a tennis racket and can analyze and record the user's tennis shot and information including swing speed, ball spin and speed for later review on a smartphone.

The sensor stays out of the way of the tennis player by attaching to the butt of the racquet. It's a little red sensor that stays somewhat hidden in the cavern of the butt.

The Tennis Sensor will be able to track things like the type of swing that you are making to how hard you’re hitting the ball, and also helpful information like where on the strings you are hitting the ball.

While these are things important for those new to the sport of tennis or intermediate level players, I'm sure Sony is thinking of ways to make the data generated relevant to advanced and elite tennis players.

Through Bluetooth, the data will be quickly disbursed to a tablet or smartphone to get eyeballed.

While the Sony Tennis Sensor is a prototype only, and with companies like Babolat debuting their "smart racquet," expect to Sony to have a line of sensors for an assortment of sports- very soon.

The Tennis Sensor is part of Sony's "Play" line that is debuting at CES this week.

"The definition of 'Play' can mean anything from playing games, to playing music, watching or participating in sports, to hitting 'play' on your favorite device – above all, it means fun," said Mike Fasulo, president and COO of Sony Electronics. "Our new products are designed to be there with consumers, enhancing the pleasure of activities they already love. They represent the essence of what drives Sony forward, combining technology and emotion to inspire the type of excitement that only Sony can evoke."

Let's hope Sony keep progressing with their "Play" line in 2014. Tennis players are always hungry for information and data on how they can improve their games.

It might be... Game. Set. Match. Sony.

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