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Sony takes a big step with ‘Project Morpheus’

Project Morpheus
Project Morpheus

For as long as video games have been around, everyone has wanted to actually be in a game. Now, Sony plans to make virtual reality an actuality. They announced Project Morpheus at the Game Developers Convention (GDC) and with that, give themselves a competitive edge in the future of gaming.

The system gives users a 360 degree field of vision which gives them the ability to truly be immersed in the game they are playing. Sony’s goal is to have every game run at 1080p and 60 frames per second; however, it will take a lot of tweaking and optimization between now and its official release.

The hardest part may not be getting the specifications right but getting PlayStation 4 owners to buy in to this idea. The price hasn’t been released for Morpheus yet but current owners already spent $400+ dollars on the console, games, and other peripheral devices. They may not be ready to fork over a few hundred more dollars on a device that won’t necessarily be adopted by all games.

Project Morpheus is a bold step in gaming for Sony. Rumors of it had been circulating for a while but since it has come to life, there has been speculation that Microsoft is looking into their own virtual reality device (unsurprisingly). Developers are certainly excited about working on a new platform like the PlayStation 4, but with the addition of Morpheus it makes the PS4 an even more marketable console to gamers.