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Sony signs $1.7 million deal with metal prodigies Unlocking The Truth

We all have that fantasy about becoming a famous actor or music superstar as a kid. That dream just got one big step closer to being real for the boys of Unlocking The Truth. Guitarist/vocalist Malcolm Brickhouse, bassist Alec Atkins and drummer Jarad Dawkins may only be in the 8th grade but they've already played on some of the biggest stages across the country, not to mention gigantic festivals like Van's Warped Tour and Coachella.

The 8th graders have played at the likes of the Apollo Theater, Coachella and now Van's Warped Tour 2014.
Photo by Kevin Winter

The group was first discovered in 2012 (at only 11 years old then) by Eric Clapton's drummer Steve Jordan after a standout performance in Washington Square Park; from the park they moved up to The Apollo Theater and Webster Hall.

Now the band is about to record the first album of a two-album deal with Sony Records; the label could add up to four more records if all goes well. At an age where kids are just getting their working permits, that's quite an accomplishment already.

Brickhouse's mother and band co-manager Annette Jackson told the New York Daily News that she flew the boys out to LA to see how serious the label was. Their in-office performance "sealed the deal." However, she and the other mothers say that school is still important despite the boys' burgeoning careers.

"School work comes first. If their school work is not done, they don’t play," said Dawkin's mother Tabitha, firmly.

She also added that the group is planning a book about their rise to success via Penguin Books, which is due sometime around Christmas, and filming a documentary of the whole experience. As for how she feels about the boy's success? “It’s so exciting. We’re jumping over the moon!"

You can catch Unlocking The Truth live on this summer's Warped Tour. Be sure to keep up with them on Facebook for the latest updates.

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