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Sony set to expand gaming via multi-platform development

Sony's new NGP interface
Sony's new NGP interface

While PlayStation Suite will be bringing PlayStation gaming to the Android platform, it appears it won't stop there.

In an article on Andriasang, Kaz Hirai comments on expanding its development platform. "We have a completely open stance," said Hirai. "With carriers and with hand set makers."

In addtion, "There are a variety of OSes," said Hirai. "But we're focusing first on Android. There's also Windows, iOS and so forth, but we don't have the resources to make it compatible with everything from the start."

This is a very bold step for Sony as it appears SCE is shifting away from it's traditional custom built hardware to adapting its software across different hardware and operating systems. Kaz name-dropping Windows and iOS as potential platforms is HUGE.

It is too early to tell though how wide-spread the PlayStation Suite will be as Kaz mentions that Sony will adapt accordingly to consumer demand.

Sony is also careful to mention that not all Android devices will be capable of running all titles and they are currently working on a specification and hardware certification to assure that PSS (PlayStation Suite) games will run on a certain phone or tablet.

I spoke with local gamer and writer Greg Wright (gregorjk) and he predicts that the gaming platform of the future will be the handhelds. Not necessarily the PSP or DS style of handheld as it extends to the smartphone and tablet markets as well.

Microsoft's Windows Mobile 7 platform already integrates with XBOX Live. A sign of things to come? Possibly.


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