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Sony sells 4.2 million PlayStation 4's by years end

4.2 million sold by years end is hugely impressive.
4.2 million sold by years end is hugely impressive.

As 2013 finally comes to a close, manufactures and retailers can finally pool together the sales data seen from late last years insane flood of new and exciting software and hardware. One of last years arguably largest entries within the industry was Sony's PlayStation 4.

An assumption that has been matched by sales figures, as Sony has announced that their PlayStation 4 console has moved over 4.2 million units by December 28th 2013. The news comes out of CES 2014 in Las Vegas.

These are absolutely staggering numbers, even more so considering the PlayStation 4 has suffered from massive shortages, hinting that Sony has been selling PlayStation 4's as fast as they can supply them. It also goes without saying that Sony has bested Microsoft, who has moved an also impressive 3 million units since the world wide release of their console.

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