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Sony says goodbye to its Vaio range of laptops

Sony Vaio S series laptop
Sony Vaio S series laptop

After more than fifteen years on the global PC market, Japanese electronics giant, Sony, has sold off its flagship computer brand; - Vaio, to a Tokyo based investment firm called Japan Industrial partners.

Thought the sale was actually done in March this year, confirmation only emerged several months later, but in a rather subtle way, as the new brand owners sought to control public confidence in the product and its transfer.

Labeled as the brand that actually brought Sony back into the computer manufacturing business more than a decade ago, the company said that it had to give up on Vaio now because of repeatedly poor PC sales. Instead, it will now focus on a new range of Tablet PC’s, which is thought to be a more profitable initiative.

However, even though the brand is now sold off, Sony will still maintain a mere 5% stake in Vaio, and would also continue to control the distribution of the laptops through its online and other retail outlets.

Industry insiders have since suffice that this strategy will ensure that Sony reduce its investment risk in the continuously faltering product, while building consumer confidence in the new owners by still fronting the sales and maintenance of the Vaio brand.

In essence, it will take most buyers a few years to actually realize that Sony no longer manufactures the brand, while JIP (Japan Industrial Partners) would be able to use that time to bring on new innovations, and an improved marketing strategy to revive consumer interest.

Vaio, which stands for Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer was founded by Sony in 1996, and has been a preferred brand for most professional and middle level PC users.

However, since the mass introduction of Tablet computers, many desktop and laptop PC manufacturers have been seeing a steady slump in sales, with Sony being among the list of those companies to suffer heavy losses.

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