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Sony’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s cinematic universe are connected after all

Pat Kiernan
Pat Kiernan
NY Times

It seems Sony's Amazing Spider-Man universe may have a connection with Marvel's cinematic universe... just not the one you were hoping for.

When you go see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 this weekend, keep an eye out for one man who connects both Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man universe with Marvel’s cinematic universe. No it isn’t the great Stan Lee. The man with that honor is NY1 news anchor Pat Kiernan. Brought to attention by MTV's Alex Zalben, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be the third time Kiernan has appeared in a Marvel superhero film. He had previously made broadcasts during the invasion of New York in The Avengers and in Iron Man 3. With his third appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, he will be quietly and unofficially connecting the Marvel cinematic universe with Sony’s Spider-Man universe when he reports the battle between Electro and Spider-Man in Times Square. Now this doesn't mean the two film franchises are connected, but it's still a nice little connection that fans can run with in their fantasies.

While Marvel legend and creator of many beloved heroes, Stan Lee has made cameos in all Marvel films, he has portrayed various characters throughout the years. Kiernan has consistently played himself in a fictionalized environment. In a time where fans crave any hints of Easter eggs and continuity connections between their favorite characters but are restricted by studio copyrights, Kiernan’s small but notable cross-universe appearances allow for small victories. Be sure to catch The Amazing Spider-Man 2, opening May 2nd 2014.