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Sony's secret weapon: What is the The Order 1886?

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The Order 1886 is a profound, story driven single-player encounter that acquaints players with a special alternate history and extremely dark vision of the nineteenth century Victorian-Era, London. It is marked as the beginning of another age, a period of scientific wonders, however underneath the thick London mist in the shadows of Industrial Revolution, where everyone, both old and new, threatened to dump the city and the world under chaos. Viewing over the city are humankind's only defenders, elite band of Knights known as, “The Order”, and the result of this battle will determine the course of history until the end of time.

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A Game Where History and Myths Collide

Set in a luxurious, rich and detailed world that circuits true historical figures and occasions, along with new twists in fictions on most familiar historical myths and legends, The Order 1886 focuses on presenting a unique and novel vision of Victorian-Era, London that one would have never seen before in his lifetime.

Centuries of Conflict

This alternate history represents dangerous enemy known as, “Half-breeds” emerged out hundreds of years ago. In light of this new threat to the world, an elite class of Knights are framed to secure mankind from the wrath of this deadly threat. Fortified by mysterious fluid “Blackwater”, the Knights of The Order can recuperate their injuries and stretch out their lifespans keeping in mind the end goal to captivate this otherworldly enemy.

It is 1886, and through the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, people have progressed in terms of technology, further bolstering good advantage in this war. Presently equipped with powerful and on'e of their kinds weapons to help in their battle, The Order is beginning to turn the tide against the “Half-breeds”.

When The New Threat Arises

While the threat of Half-breed is pushed into the shadows, a defiance rises that debilitates an officially unstable peace. Tight efforts and security measures are established to provide safety that measures to nearby police station, consolidated with widening gap between the rich and the poor, have left citizens of London irate at those they see to be the reason for their burdens. The Rebels' positions are developing, along with their boldness, as they announce a hard and fast war against The Order and the administration oppression it represents. Presently, the Knights of The Order must face dangers from all sides as they strive to keep up peace and request.

Danger Around Every Corner

Assume the part of Galahad, and captivate both Half-breed and rebels a standout amongst the most accomplished Knights of The Order. Equipped with latest technology and armed with destructive weapons of cutting-edge weaponry, use the third-person perspective and extensive framework to float in and out of the cover as you hunt for your enemies.

Right Tools For Right Situations

Fire bolts of high power electricity to take out long-go targets with your Arc Gun, or pour down fires on adversaries with Thermite Rifle by drenching them in a billow of combustible dust and lighting it with a superheated flare. In fact, the weapons used in the The Order: 1886 are all focused on plausible science, innovation and technology.

Ahead of Their Time

Advance innovations have helped The Order watch the city and keep the residents safe. Airship carriers watch the skies and are a consistent indication of the police that controls Londoner's lives.

Each member of the game wears wireless devices to communicate with one another and with the airships patrols in the skies. Plethora of gadgets help them doing their work such as to see across far distances, signal airships, send codes and so on.

Filmic Vision

Submerge yourself in the coarse universe of The Order 1886 through the dazzling, true to life presentation made conceivable with practical lighting and rendering strategies and a visual presentation that impersonates the subtleties and blemishes of genuine film Polaroids and lenses.The dirt on lenses of the camera and air, light passing through broken windows make for the presentation realistic and believable.

Character of The Order:1886

Sir Galahad
You play as Galahad. He is an expert hunter and tracker whose skills and instincts have developed over the years by fighting Half-breeds.

Sir Percival or Sebastian Malory

A mentor and Galahad's long-time friend, Sir Percival is one of the few Knights to match Galahad's ability and strength. .

Lady Igraine or Isabeau D'Argyll

Lady Igraine is the youngest member to be inducted into the game. She is one of the most skilled and strong headed Knights. She shared a relation of mutual respect with Galahad.

Marquise de Lafayette

Lafayette serves as apprentice for Sir Percival. He is recruited for his tactical skills honed during the American and French Revolutions. He became an invaluable member of the squad.

The Order 1886 is shaping up to be a must have for the PS4. If you are holding off on purchasing a PS4, now may be the time to pick one up and The Order 1886.