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SONY's "NEW" Alpha QX1 Game Changer for Digital Imaging Market

SONY's NEW Alpha QX1 & DSC-QX30 Redefines Digital Imaging Creation.

Designed for mobile photography enthusiasts, the new high-zoom DSC-QX30 and E-mount interchangeable-lens ILCE-QX1 models.
Designed for mobile photography enthusiasts, the new high-zoom DSC-QX30 and E-mount interchangeable-lens ILCE-QX1 models.

Today Sony went public with a host of new imaging products designed to redefine the concept of imaging creation. These products are the Alpha QX1 and DSC-QX30 the next generation of the "cyber-shot" products. Now unless you have been sleeping or just do not take any "photos" of any kind then maybe you do not know about this very originally concept of digital image capture. These products are game changers and really what should have been released the at the start of Cyber-Shot.

The Sony "Cyber-Shot" products are designed to remove the need to even carry a traditional camera body of any kind. Further more the foundational concept is to provide the ultimate in portability… you only need to make a connection to your "smart phone" or "tablet" that can act as your viewfinder. This means that the lens module can be carried in your pocket or purse and then when you need it you can make the "WiFi with NFC" to your phone and just attach the lens to your phone or even hold the lens in your hand and just point it at your subject.

The lens is auto focus or the focus can be pick via touch screen on your phone, that is now acting as viewfinder. Which is in almost every case larger than any viewfinder of a traditional DSLR camera.

The creative flexibility is such that you can sit the lens on another object or hold in your hand. That mean you can move in unlimited freedom or direction at anytime. So hold it over your head and now your looking down from high above your subject. Or place it on the bench walk away and now stand with your group and have "group selfie" as just one basic example.

The real break through in this "camera less" image process is with the Alpha QX1. As this takes and now elevates the technical ability of the "Cyber Shot" idea in two important directions.

First is that now with the Alpha QX1 the image module is a 20.4 MP APS-C CMOS sensor. Much larger and high technical operational image capture than the DSC-QX10.

The DSC-QX30 is a 30X optical Zoom with image stabilization and cheaper than the previous DSC QX10. Which was an 18MP BIS-CMOS sensor and a 25 -250mm equivalent lens at a cost of $250. But previous to get a high quality image, you have to step up to the DSC-QX100. It was much larger lens unit and it cost $500. The sensor for the DSC-QX100 was the same 1 inch sensor as the old Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 II Which the RX100 line is a favorite compact camera among consumers. I have asked my friends at ZEISS to get me the technical data on the QX30 "super zoom" lens, so far has not shown up. But this lens deserves to be tested as it appears to be a very strong performer.

You will be able to make large high quality prints from images captured by the AlphaQX1 Because now you have a sensor with the size of a NIKON D7100 body. A great advantage for serious photographers. This will carry over to Video as well.

But for me the ALPHA QX1 is a interchangeable lens module. Really is a game changer, it's like a high end DSLR camera body. The SONY Alpha QX1 will accept all SONY E-Mount lenses and accept the A mount converter for all SONY A-Mount lenses. Cell phones just do not produce photos that can be printed.....but because of the APSC sensor, now your phone is just a hard drive or transfer link to cloud storage.

This throws the creative door wide open to every lens SONY has made from the A-Mount line and all future new E-Mount lens that are now hitting the market. Were talking about any lens that you could have used on an A99 or Alpha series body.

So on a day to day basis if you have a super zoom or ultra wide angle lens of either type. Just mount the lens to the Alpha QX1 module and even if you have ultra long tele photo. The Alpha module will talk to your smart phone or tablet. This concept is a real break through as it make remote photography and manipulation of the lens and camera features as simple as 1-2-3.

I have added one of SONY's YouTube Videos....just released. Not a great video

So now we see a convergence between image creation and creative vision has moved closer and with less physical equipment, weight. Your looking at image production in real time. Video will be much easier to both preview…shoot and upload. This and again the big difference is 20Mp sensor with will deliver a level of quality that could not be achieved by a smart phone camera before.

This is a very well though out concept and it is a niche market that so far has seen a lot of support by people who normally do not like to carry a conventional camera. I expect after I get a sample to do live testing I will be able to demonstrate these advantages in a special "You Tube" video.

So I have included as many images as possible for the DSC-QX30 and Alpha QX1 in a slide show for my readers. Now this product line should produce some real improvements in SONY's stock and profitability. As no other camera or imaging company is producing a similar product.