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Sony’s goal to bolster ‘instantaneous gameplay’ with PlayStation Now, says VP

What do you think?
What do you think?

Sony Computer Entertainment America marketing vice president John Koller said the PlayStation Now for the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita isn’t necessarily the future of the company, according to a report today from VG 24/7, but it’s rather a tool to remedy an industry problem: instantaneous gameplay.

In an interview with Computer and Video Games at CES 2014, Koller said the chief issue the PS Now addresses is allowing gamers to sit down and play something whenever they want.

“PlayStation Now's strong benefit is instantaneous gameplay because that is a problem in this industry. We've got to solve that and I think this does that,” Koller said.

Sony has been working to deliver nearly immediate gameplay experiences with the play-as-you-download feature with the PS4, Koller said, but PS Now takes that idea of immediacy even a step further.

Of course the platform holder would like to drive gamers to play on the PS4, but the PS Now, Koller said, allows for players to play games instantly, whether with the next-gen console or on a Bravia TV with a DualShock controller or, in the future, on a tablet or smartphone.

“So, when you look at PS3 games –– huge catalogue, really strong and diverse lineup of genres and games –– we want people to be able to experience those, yes, on PlayStation platforms,” Koller said. “But if you own a Bravia, it'd be great if you could pair your DualShock 3 and be able to instantly play.”

You can learn more about the PS Now by reading this full Examiner report.

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