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Sony's cloud-based gaming service titled PlayStation Now detailed

Will stream games to most devices
Will stream games to most devices

When the PlayStation 4 was announced, a lot of people frowned about the lack of backwards compatibility. Sony went out and bought the company Gaikai with the hopes of bringing PS3 titles to the PS4 and PS Vita. Now at CES 2014, Sony has upped the game by going more into detail as to what to expect from its new game-streaming service now officially named PlayStation Now.

According to website The Verge, the technology has been playable at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, with people able to play The Last of Us. Customers will have the option to either rent games, or have a subscription-based selection. Sony will be offering closed beta on this service starting in late January 2014.

This is where Sony changes it up. Originally announced for the PS4 and PS Vita, PlayStation Now will be available on almost any device, including smartphones and Sony Bravia TVs. The PS3 will also be able to stream these titles, as Gaikai will work much like YouTube as the games are run off of remote servers and will require low latency internet for the best results.

According to The Verge, Sony states that PlayStation Now will release initially on PlayStation 3 and 4, with the Vita coming soon after. Sony also states that "most" U.S. brands of Sony Bravia televisions will eventually support the service, as well. Europe will come much later do to provisioning complexity, but the service will see the light of day across the pond. PlayStation Now will also support online multiplayer, trophies, and messaging.

Lastly, Sony will be dipping into the Xbox One's side of things by jumping into television service. Xbox One currently requires users to have their own service and to include the system into their cable setup. Sony is looking to offer straight up cloud-based television service with live TV, video on-demand, and DVR capabilities. Fans can argue that both systems have been even-par so far, but with Sony going above what was originally announced with PlayStation Now, Microsoft might soon be playing catch up if it isn't already.

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