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Sony on PS4: 'We’ve worked hard to show the right level of humility'

How has your experience been with the PS4?
How has your experience been with the PS4?
Sony Computer Entertainment

Without stirring up too much debate, Internet, it's undeniable that Sony has made the right steps to have a successful launch of their next-generation console, PlayStation 4.

Pundits around the industry will be sure to let you know about this, and while it is true, it's the overall approach Sony has taken with their products lately, that has them in good standing. Giving players another significant reason to buy a PS Vita was a brilliant, necessary move for the handheld to gain more traction.

While it hasn't sold like Sony had hoped it would, PS Vita has received an enormous boost in value and Sony's Fergal Gara talked about the mindset the company has taken with the new system and handheld.

"I think we’ve done a good job on the PlayStation brand and it seems to have gone down well that PlayStation is rejuvenating itself and we’re re-doubling efforts to engage gamers.

"Whilst PS4 is the spearhead of our campaign, we’ve worked hard to show the right level of humility and focus and that we’re absolutely targeted at gamers and we’ve done our [best] to do a good job for them.

"We’ve talked the talk and we’ve walked the walk for gamers, and that is really coming through – that must be generating more love for PlayStation and that includes people exploring more of our products, including PS Vita," Gara said.

Indeed this is a bit of patting themselves on the back for how the launch of the PS4 went, but it is well deserved. Connecting all of their PlayStation products was the exact move they needed to make, and they had the foresight to do this four and five years ahead of time.

Whether you are a consumer of Sony's products or not, you have to give the company its due on coordinating such a smooth, consistent conjuring and launch of the PS4.

Thanks, VG24/7.

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