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Sony looking to take on Apple TV and Amazon Fire with the Sony TV

Sony TV
Sony TV
Sony Press Release Kit

Streaming devices such as the Roku, Apple TV, and the new Amazon Fire TV are becoming more popular with each passing day, and it is this reason that Sony have decided to jump in on the action. A report released today has officially announced the Sony TV, a North American, and European version of the Vita TV that has been available in Japan for a few months.

The $100 device has jumped into the streaming media market at a time when more and more consumers are cutting the cable cord, but with so much competition from more well known devices such as the Amazon Fire TV, and the Apple TV, Sony needed to create a device that would set them apart, and they have.

The Sony TV's big party trick is that is is capable of playing many different video games, from many different Sony platforms. The video game library will feature games from the PlayStation One, PSP, PS Vita, and the Sony PlayStation 3. In addition to being able to download video games, Hulu, Netflix, and many other apps that offer streaming services, the Sony TV can also act as a second screen to the companies hugely popular PlayStation 4. The Sony TV will be able to let gamers pick up where they left there game on the main TV, on a secondary TV anywhere else in their home. This works in much the same way as Nintendo's Wii U, where someone else can watch the main TV the console is connected too, while you go elsewhere to play your game.

Sony's platform planning manager for PlayStation, Shannon Kapitula said “We're really going after this new audience of families with kids that can play, and watch PlayStation TV together”. This family oriented approach can be seen in the companies decision to release a Sony TV bundle that comes complete with a DualShock 3 controller, a memory card, HDMI cable, and a copy of the Lego Movie video game for $139. “ We feel like this is the easiest, and most accessible way for people who are just coming into the PlayStation ecosystem”, Kapitula went on to say.

The Sony TV is somewhat of a gamble for the company, but the Japanese tech giant are hoping that the new streaming/gaming device will be able to bring back consumers who used to be gamers, or who left the Sony ecosystem without having to spend $399 on a new PlayStation 4 console.

The Sony TV is expected to launch in both North America this fall for just $99. There will also be the gaming bundle available at launch for $139. Whether or not the device will have support from third-party app makers at launch remains to be seen, but the small price point will certainly make the Sony TV an interesting option in the media streaming market.

Source: Sony

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