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Sony is rumored to be interested in acquiring Crytek


Rumors have emerged that Sony is interested in acquiring Crytek, despite the studios financial struggles and internal problems.

The information was uncovered by Tidux, a well known industry insider, who posted on Twitter that Sony is interested in expanding its studios and they are looking at acquiring a company that is in trouble. This was followed by a series of tweets with the last one stating,Thats all fokes #Crytek.

These rumors come only a few days after it was reported that the staff at Crytek UK have refused to work due to the companies failure to pay them on time and properly. Many have refused to show up to work while several told Kotuku that they have left for other studios.

It was reported by Kotuku and Eurogamer back in mid June that Crytek may be facing a series of internal problems. Soon other major publications begin to reach out to their contacts in Crytek only to receive the same kind of reports.

Among the issues are the companies financial problems caused by the lack of game studios from adapting the CryEngine and the failure of Ryse: Son of Rome. This has resulted in the studios allegedly failing to pay employees on time causing a mass exodus of many talented staffers.

These problems have resulted in the studio having to abandon the Ryse sequel while some media pundits have speculated that it could also affect the development of Homefront: The Revolution.

Sony has not confirmed if the rumors are true while officials at Crytek has denied that there are any major problems or the staff of the UK office have refused to work.

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