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Sony is releasing PlayStation 4 in China

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Sony has been gaining popularity in the gaming market with PlayStation 4. This game system is so well liked the firm sees a large market for it in China. Sony is preparing to launch PlayStation 4 in China reported 24/7 Wall Street on May 26, 2014.

Two joint ventures have been established by Sony with Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development to make and sell the PlayStation consoles and video games in China. A restriction on gaming consoles which was in effect since 2000 has been lifted by the Chinese government.

Prior to this time Chinese game enthusiasts have only been able to enjoy playing games on PCs and mobile devices. The Chinese government had banned gaming consoles as being a distraction for children. However, the new PlayStation 4 has now achieved the status of being recognized as an educational device in China instead of just something to waste time on. The Chinese government now allows the consoles to be sold in the country, however it will continue to censor or ban games that are seen as being controversial or subversive.

This new deal with Shanghai Oriental Pearl has given Sony access to about 500 million gamers in China reports the BBC. Initially the Chinese government took the position gaming consoles had an adverse effect on the mental health of young people. This view is no longer taken in dealing with Sony's PlayStation 4.

An executive from Shanghai Oriental Pearl says the joint venture with Sony will introduce quality and healthy video games that will adhere to national conditions in China as well as the tastes of Chinese gamers. China therefore now represents a new market with great potential for Sony's PlayStation 4. China made the right decision opening the country up to the dynamic PlayStation 4 which actually has a lot to offer to help nurture the mental health of kids.