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Sony is bringing their E3 conference to the big screen

We're only a couple of weeks away from this year's E3, and all three console makers are beginning to ramp up the hype with pre-event news and reveals. Among them is Sony, who announced moments ago via their official blog that they will be bringing their E3 press conference to movie theaters across North America. This special presentation will air during the company's live show, and promises a few cool extras that are sure to get Sony fans excited.

Sony invites fans to theaters for conference
Photo courtesy of Sony, used with permission

For starters, attendees will be watching the latest trailers and news releases with a theater-quality experience. Those who are easily excited by trailers will love seeing these reveals on the big screen and with booming audio. Beyond that, Sony has also teased “a few surprise gifts” for those who show up, though they haven't elaborated as to what fans should expect.

Aside from the standard press conference, the theater event will also feature 30 minutes of extended gameplay, developer interviews and other exclusive content. Geoff Keighley (who tweeted that Sony fans should be ready at their computers moments before the reveal), will host these post-show segments.

Tickets, which are now available, are being offered at no cost, meaning anyone will be able to attend the show. Granted, that is assuming they live somewhere in the vicinity of one of the theaters hosting the event. Locations include theaters in major cities like Los Angeles, Miami and Boston. A complete list can be found on the PlayStation blog below the reveal trailer. Space will be limited, and we wouldn't be surprised to see these tickets move quickly.

Sony will be closing out the long day of press conferences, airing last at 6pm pacific and 9pm est. The theater event itself will begin half-an-hour beforehand, and will probably include some pre-show commentary by Keighley. Little is known about Sony's E3 plans, but advertising like this certainly has us excited for what may be in store.

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