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Sony head discusses acquiring PS4 exclusives and working with indie developers

Ready for fall of 2014?
Ready for fall of 2014?
Permission to use photo given by Sony Computer Entertainment

It has been an incredibly successful start to the PS4's life-cycle and it's due in large part to Sony's relationship with developers and consumers. There were many things Sony had to learn from their work on the PS3, and the PS4 has shown just how much the company has learned from their past.

The PS4 is more accessible to indie and AAA developers, thanks in large part to the feedback Sony took from the development community as they were creating the console. PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan talked about Sony's approach to the PS4 and some of the things they wanted to do better than they did with the PS3.

"We worked really hard this time around just to make the platform accessible to smaller developers - it's not having silly rules and procedures and bureaucracy, keeping the paperwork to a minimum, facilitating access to development kits, having a development environment that's fundamentally a whole lot easier to work with than it was last time around," Ryan said.

Since launching the PS4 back in November of last year, Sony has been very vocal about how they wanted to learn from some of the shortcomings they experienced with the PS3. When you look at the moves Sony has made this generation versus last, it's night and day different and the overall sales of the PS4 reflect that.

Independent developers have been a major emphasis for the PS4 in its first year. Indie games have helped bridge the gap in between AAA launches, as 2014 hasn't been as full of AAA releases as we initially thought it would be. Just wait until this fall and 2015 come around, PS4 will really start to take off even more.

Ryan spoke further about the process they take when it comes to working with indie developers, and getting their games on the PS4 exclusively or at least first on PS4.

"It's that approach, which makes us friendlier to indie [developers], and on top of that, the icing on the cake is that we will go out and look at a small number of games and seek to help the developer make those games as successful as they possibly can, and that support can take a whole range of forms.

"It can take the form of financial support, it can take the form of having Sean Murray from Hello Games on the stage at E3, there are many ways to do it and we try not to be prescriptive and say 'this is the template you have to follow, this is the path.' We just talk to each of the indies that we really want to work closely with and find out what presses their hot button and see what we can do to help them. Sometimes we can, and sometimes we can't," Ryan said.

The PS4 has surpassed the 10 million mark in total sales to consumers and we haven't even ended the first full year in the system's life-cycle. It's safe to say the system is off to a great start and has a bright future ahead. Holiday 2014 is going to be a great season for some amazing, new PS4 games to launch, and we'll have all of the reviews when that time comes around.

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