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Sony going head-to-head with Apple


Sony is at work on a handful of new devices and services aimed at stealing some of Apple's marketshare, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Though nothing has been formally announced yet, rumors of a new PSP-related device started popping up shortly after the PSP-Go's official unveiling at E3 last June.  Now, sources have told the Wall Street Journal that not only is Sony working on a smart phone with the ability to download and play PSP games, but a tablet device set to compete with Apple's iPad is also in the works.

Bothe devices will utilize Sony's new digital distribution venue, dubbed Sony Online Services, in order to deliver content to users.  The service, set to launch later this month, can also be used with other internet-enabled Sony devices, like certain HDTVs and Blu-ray players.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, Gamespot

MY TAKE: I dunno.  The smart phone and tablet stuff is all well and good--Sony's been losing its footing in the mobile devices market recently--but PSP software compatibility seems a bit unnecessary.  With PSP hardware sales on the decline even after the launch of the PSP-Go last October, I think it's time for Sony to just start seriously working on its real successor.


  • Doug 5 years ago

    Whoops, forgot to mention--the phone and the tablet mayyyyy be out by year's end.

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