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Sony faces off with Comcast

Photo by Michael Smith/Getty Images

This is the fight in Net Neutrality I've been waiting for. According to Giga Om, Sony and Comcast are trading barbs over the latter's data caps. Comcast doesn't have a foothold in Milwaukee, but our ISP AT&T does have a fairly strict data cap.

Sony's big problem is that Comcast's data cap makes their video streaming service nearly impossible. This is while Comcast's own streaming video service does not count toward the monthly data caps. This doesn't really allow any services other than Comcast to stream to their customers.

This is all perfectly legal, but since Comcast also sell cable services, I am curious to see how Sony's entertaiment devision treats the cable company. It could be that this ends up just being more noise, but I would like to see a real content and ISP stand off.

This will take a long time to make it's way to our backyard, but many ISP's have a laundry list of conflicts of interest that looks identical to Comcast's. Comcast may be able to bully their way out of this once, but as more content providers look to direct relationships, that may not be possible.

Giga Om


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