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Sony eyewearable device draws comparisons to Google Glass

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Sony has again unveiled its SmartEyeglass eyewearable device -- this time at Mobile World Congress. The prototype was previously shown at CES. Sony's SmartEyeglass product tethers to a separate touchpad that provides much of the functionality, including powering up the device, operating the camera and using maps.

The SmartEyeglass itself houses a great deal of technology, too. According to Android Police, it includes an accelerometer, compass, brightness sensor, embedded camera, microphone and other hardware. But even more than its function, the form of the Sony SmartEyeglass is drawing most of the attention.

That is because the device looks more akin to traditional eyeglasses compared to Google Glass, the wearable computer display positioned just above the right eye that Google claims will connect people to their world in advanced new ways. Sony's device features tinted sunglass lenses in thick white frames that look similar to many off-the-rack eyewear designs. In contrast, Glass has been called geeky and robotic.

While Sony's SmartEyeglass is just now entering public consciousness, Google Glass is perhaps the most hyped consumer product set launch this year -- or this decade, for that matter. The eyewearable mobile device is generating strong opinions about the role of gadgets in our lives, and about their appearance when we use them. So it is not surprising that each new eyewearable device announced is drawing comparison's to Google's product.