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Sony discusses ‘Uncharted 4’, ‘Destiny’, and teases major PS4 announcements

Uncharted 4
Uncharted 4

Sony’s John Koller, the Head of Hardware Marketing at PlayStation, has disclosed that the PlayStation 4 is going to have a major year in 2014 with exciting new software releases and a huge showing at E3 2014. According to a report by GamePur from Jan. 24, Koller revealed that Bungie’s Destiny is going to be a “show piece” for the PS4 and also teased that new Uncharted 4 details will be shared at E3 later this year.

Speaking with GotGame in a recent interview, Koller explained and detailed some of Sony’s plans for 2014 in terms of software releases, new game announcements, and how the company is approaching E3 for this year.

While discussing the type of year Sony hopes the PS4 will have in 2014, Koller expressed great excitement and defined the year as a “massive content year” for the PS4, packed with new games and exciting moments for gamers. Find Koller’s full comment on what to expect from the PS4 this year below:

It’s going to be a massive content year. We’ve talked publically that there’s a huge and significant amount of games coming this year to the PlayStation 4. We’ll be showing a lot of those and it is going to be an exciting moment for many people. I can officially confirm that what is coming next is really spectacular.

Koller continued to add that titles like Destiny will be a “show piece” in demonstrating what makes the PS4 such a special piece of hardware. Bungie’s Destiny offers a lot of innovation, and that is something Sony wants to push with the PS4. Find Koller's full statement concerning Destiny below:

The types of games that are coming are absolutely fantastic. We’ve already talked about some of these already, but games like Destiny, which is the game from Bungie that is really going to be a show piece as to what makes the PlayStation 4 so special. There’s a lot of innovation. That’s something that we really want to push. The PlayStation 4 is really the strong innovation engine for this category and this industry.

On the topic of E3, Koller noted that Sony will have a lot to talk about at the show and that the company is going “to have a fun time” showing new games to everyone during E3. Find Koller’s full comment about E3 2014 below:

There’s certainly a lot to talk about there. So E3 is going to be fun this year. This is going to be one of those, you know, years where we’re going to have a fun time showing new games to the world.

One of the PS4’s biggest games will surely be Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4, which hasn’t been discussed in great detail since the title made its debut at the PS4’s launch party late last year. Though Sony and Naughty Dog have remained mum on the subject of Uncharted in recent months, Koller teased that there will be some big Uncharted 4 news at E3. Find his full comment below:

Well we did announce that a new Uncharted game is coming. We announced that on launch night actually. It’s Uncharted for PS4, but we haven’t announced many details, so that may be an interesting thing to tune in for at E3.

Koller concluded by informing people that the PS4 is going to have quality games coming and that Sony has a lot of announcements to make in the coming months.

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