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Sony develops new PS3 hardware for PS Now, 8 PS3 CPU's on one board

Sony's recently announced PlayStation Now streaming game service coming later this year will take advantage of some revamped hardware, according to a report filed by Digital Foundry. According to the report, "sources that have been briefed on the project" claim that the custom hardware can support up to 8 PlayStation 3 CPU's on a single board.

Playstation Now uses custom, revamped PS3 hardware, uses less power and fits 8 CPU's on to one board
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The report also states that initial plans included using full fledged retail units as the offsite hardware to power the service, but were shelved for a number of reasons, including primarily the massive space needed for so many units, and power consumption. The newly revealed configuration will allow for greatly reduced space and power use, ultimately allowing Sony to put even more hardware behind the service.

Digital Foundry also claims that the hardware audible will allow Sony to make back end changes, and reduce latency for the end-user by a few milliseconds. This news should put some potential users at ease about assumed latency or input lag when playing a streaming service like PlayStation Now, as most can relate to the experience of pressing a button, only to see your character flail about a second too late.

The report continues to break down the latency argument in an in-depth fashion, but the core argument is that with multiple, high powered CPU's on the same board, users can expect a better and more responsive experience throughout their time with PlayStation Now.

One keen observation of the article is the fact that "certain games may suit cloud gaming better than others." It's safe to assume that fast-twitch titles like Call of Duty and Battlefield will still deliver the best performance with a local copy, be it digital or traditional disc. PlayStation Now would likely be more conducive to adventure and survival titles like the demoed Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls.

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