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'Sons of Anarchy': Theo Rossi talks about Juice and the final season

'Sons of Anarchy': Theo Rossi talks about Juice and the final season
'Sons of Anarchy': Theo Rossi talks about Juice and the final season
Photo by Kevin Winter

It won’t be long before the cast of FX’s “Sons of Anarchy” gather to begin filming the seventh and final season of the hit motorcycle club show. Theo Rossi, who plays Juice, was recently interviewed about his role on the show so far and what he expects to find in season 7, though admittedly he hasn’t seen any scripts yet. His thoughts were shared on April 29 by Entertainment Weekly.

Ever since the identity of Juice’s father became known in season 4, Rossi has been anxious. The implications for his character were serious.

“For anybody who’s had to be near me, live with me, be friends with me, family members, it’s been a nightmare, because it’s been anxiety ever since,” he jokes to EW.

However, anxiety aside, Rossi has loved what his character has allowed him to do as an actor. “The truth is, what I’ve gotten to do on this show I don’t think I’ll ever match on any job ever, because I’ve literally gotten to play every single emotion an actor can play. I’ve been the funny guy, the loyal guy, the guy fearing for my life, the guy trying to take my own life, the guy taking a lot of other people’s lives as a stone-cold killer, to this guy who’s kinda floating in the abyss now and you don’t know where he’s going – which I think is the most dangerous part about him,” Rossi says. “It’s why you do this, it’s why you get into this racket. Kurt gave me that all in one character. So for this year, I don’t expect that to be any different. If anything, I expect it only to be intensified, really heavily.”

Rossi is probably right on target with his speculation, particularly as it relates to his character’s fate on the show. In the December airing of the season 6 finale, Juice3 was knee deep in the goings on. If you aren’t caught up on the show, there are spoilers ahead so be warned.

Jax told Juice that he knows he betrayed him. If that wasn’t enough, Juice himself killed Sheriff Roosevelt and proceeded to help Gemma, Jax’s mom, cover up her murder of Tara, Jax’s wife.

When Rossi talks with fans in public, he is asked about his role and that episode specifically. “The main thing I get is, ‘You’re in so much trouble. You’re doomed. I can’t believe what you did. I can’t believe you saved Gemma,’” Rossi says. “People are very, very concerned. There’s ‘Save Juice’ things on Twitter and Facebook.”

With this being season 7 and the final season for the show, fan (and cast) expectations are high that there will be a lot of death in this season. Many assume everyone will die by the time it is over. Rossi admits he’s thought about it. He notes how the show has been compared to Hamlet and how every year there are major characters killed off. He would agree with those who think the season 6 finale was, by far, the most shocking in every way. Of his own character’s fate on the show, Rossi says, “You have dreams of being the last guy standing, the one riding off, but you know,” he adds, laughing at the understatement, “I’ve done a lot of bad things.”

To get ready for a new season, Rossi says he watches the older episodes. It helps get him in the mindset of his character. Given what has just gone down, he says he doesn’t expect to find Juice “hangin’ out makin’ smoothies in the clubhouse when we open up. Who knows where he’s gonna be or what’s gonna happen. I could be, like, covered in leaves, hiding somewhere, all decrepit.”

Will we get to see a naked Juice in the final season? Rossi doesn’t know but has some thoughts on that subject too.

“Here’s the difference with naked Juice: He’s never been naked Jax,” Rossi says. “Naked Jax is cool. Naked Jax is in the shower, naked Jax is on top of a girl, naked Jax is doing something with his big back tattoo that you’re like, ‘Wow.’ Naked Juice has been in a diaper. Naked Juice has OD’d and puked everywhere from Gemma’s hand in his mouth. Naked Juice is never a good thing. So when I hear things like that, I assume that anxiety will follow.”

Sons of Anarchy” season 7 will premiere on FX in September. See you then!

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