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'Sons of Anarchy' star talks about moving to 'Gotham'

Sons of Anarchy star talks Gotham
Sons of Anarchy star talks Gotham
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"Sons of Anarchy" star Donal Logue has a new job coming up on Fox where he will play Detective Harvey Bullock on the Batman prequel TV show "Gotham." Logue spoke to Nerd Repository on Feb. 18 about the new role and what fans can expect.

Logue, who plays the dark and demented Lee Toric on "Sons of Anarchy," will be taking on another rough role as Harvey Bullock, a Gotham City police detective who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty, almost the anti-thesis to fellow detective and future commissioner, James Gordon.

Bullock is a character straight out of the comics. In the "Pre-Crisis" comics, he was a dirty cop who was always there to mess up whatever Gordon was trying to accomplish. However, after "Crisis," he was changed into a good cop who everyone thought was crooked, but was always loyal to James Gordon, the "bad cop" to Gordon's "good cop" in investigations.

Logue said that, while there are many interpretations of Det. Harvey Bullock, from old DC to new DC to the animated cartoons, he wants to make the character his own and not mimic something that has been done before.

"I want to create a character, no different from Lee Toric in Sons of Anarchy or King Horik from History's Vikings or Hank Dolworth in Terriers," Logue said. "They're all uniquely different scenarios and I don't want to feel forced to do an impersonation of something else, which is a difficult thing to keep up over the course of a longer series."

In the "Gotham" TV show, Bullock will be the seasoned veteran who is a mentor to the younger James Gordon, played by "Southland" star Ben McKenzie. Logue said in the interview that the world of this upcoming TV show is set in a Noir world similar to that of "Blade Runner," so it sounds like "Gotham" is getting off on the right foot when it comes to providing something different.

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