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'Sons of Anarchy' spoilers: Sutter says 'conclusion will be satisfying for fans'

According to the latest "WTFSutter" he says that the conclusion will be satisfying for fans.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

On March 23 The Epoch Times shares the latest Sutter Ink news in regards to the final season of "Sons of Anarchy."

Sutter says that he has pitched the bigger arcs to the network which went well, now he just needs to write to them and not give anything away too soon. So far, the first, second, and third episodes are underway and things are looking good.

When a fan told Sutter that they were upset that there wouldn't be any more Jax and Tara scenes, Sutter tried making light of the situation and claimed that there would be plenty of Tara and Tig scenes. There will also be a Jax and Gemma scene that fans are going to be dying to see. Many fans are still hoping that Jax kills his mother for what she did to his wife over a mistake.

Overall, Kurt Sutter says that he believes that the season will have a satisfying conclusion for fans and he feels pretty good about the show sticking to the story that he envisioned telling. The hero is heading in the direction he should in regards to what will likely seem like his final days in Charming, and while there will be deaths, everyone knows their place and it will end how it should.

In a final joke to lighten the heavy mood of this week's episode of "WTFSutter" he jokes that his publicist has suggested renting a puppy for every public appearance so that he won't seem so hated. If Kurt Sutter is needing to rent puppies than this is gonna be a difficult season for fans.

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