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'Sons of Anarchy' spoilers: Season 7 premiere starts with 'gruesome jail scene'

What will Jax Teller do in this final season of 'Sons of Anarchy'?
What will Jax Teller do in this final season of 'Sons of Anarchy'?
Photo courtesy of James Minchin/FX, used with permission

Season 7 of “Sons of Anarchy” premieres in September, and fans got some great “SOA” spoilers about what to expect from the show's Comic-Con panel. On Sunday Entertainment Weekly shared some of the key “Sons of Anarchy” spoilers spilled, and fans cannot wait to get started with these final episodes.

Apparently season 7 of “SOA” begins with Jax in jail, and it is described as a “gruesome jail scene.” Kurt Sutter says that “This season will be the most proactive for Jax,” and he has “a singular purpose.” Of course, that purpose is surely to avenge Tara's death. Little does Jax know that he needs to be looking close to home for answers on that front.

Deadline shares that the preview of the season 7 “Sons of Anarchy” premiere shows Jax getting into a fight in prison and then carving a swastika on his stomach. Many would imagine this all involves the character being played by Marilyn Manson, a white supremacist. While there will be some interesting new characters brought into the mix by familiar faces, the audience is most curious to know what will happen to Jax, Gemma, Juice and the rest of SAMCRO. Of course Sutter isn't going to detail much in that regard ahead of time.

While Sutter is still working on scripts for this final season, he says he knows how it ends. Sutter teased, “I know where I want my hero to be emotionally and thematically at the end of the season.” Fans are guessing there will be a lot of death along the way to that last moment of the series, and they cannot wait to see how it all plays out.

Who will live and who will die in this final season? Many fans are guessing that Gemma and Juice will be toast at some point, but they are anxious to see just what Sutter has in store for everybody. Will Jax be left in a good place at the end, and is the concept of that even possible given all he has endured? Season 7 of “Sons of Anarchy” begins on FX on Sept. 9.