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'Sons of Anarchy' spoilers: Kurt Sutter wants longer final season

Sons of Anarchy: Kurt Sutter wants longer final season
Sons of Anarchy: Kurt Sutter wants longer final season
Prashant Gupta/FX Networks

With so many major deaths on the most recent season of "Sons of Anarchy," it seems like the show is spiraling to its devastating conclusion. However, TV Line reported on Feb. 1 that show creator Kurt Sutter has inquired FX about expanding the final seventh season longer than the normal 13 episodes.

Sutter did say that the chance of it happening is based on a number of things including the network's licensing fee, so he said that it could happen but nothing is set into stone. One thing that Sutter did say was that a number of last season's episodes went over the one hour mark, which meant there were about three to four extra episodes worth of material.

Sutter said he wants to stick with the normal 60 minute running time for the final season, but would love to have more than the 13 episodes.

The final season will see the meltdown of the entire family, as Jax's own mother brutally murdered his wife and the mother of his children after he gave her his blessing to leave Charming for a safer life elsewhere. With both Tara and Clay now dead, that leaves Jax standing on the edge of a cliff with his mother the most evil monster remaining on the show.

As "Sons of Anarchy" is based on Shakespeare and "Hamlet," there is little doubt that things will end badly for everyone involved. "Sons of Anarchy" season seven returns in the fall of 2014.