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'Sons of Anarchy' speculation: Could Tig and Venus have a relationship?

Walter Groggins plays transvestite Venus Van Dam in "Sons of Anarchy".

There was no denying in the two-episode arc of "Sons of Anarchy" that Tig had the hots for Venus Van Dam, a transvestite loosely related to the Byzlats through Nero. On Jan. 15 EnStarz shares that there could be a relationship brewing between the two.

While Walter Groggins can't confirm or deny whether he has been welcomed back for the final season of "Sons of Anarchy" he does say that both he and Kurt Sutter would love to see him back if they can find a working story line for his character. Venus and Tig in a relationship would be the most likely option as Van Dam's mother is now dead after Jax killed her for her child pornography ring she forced Venus into when he was younger in an attempt to keep him a boy.

Tig first med Venus in season 5 when she was brought in to help the club bribe a city official to get the permits they wanted. Tig had his fun with Venus, but she wasn't brought back until the six season when Venus needed the club's help dealing with her mother who was holding his son captive and completely against Van Dam's wishes.

Do you think Venus Van Dam and Tig Trager will hook up for season seven of "Sons of Anarchy"? Would you like to see Tig in a relationship in the final season? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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