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'Sons of Anarchy' season 7: Will ghosts of SAMCRO past haunt final season?

"Sons of Anarchy" final season means they have a clean slate to create, will the ghosts of SAMCRO past haunt the boys?
"Sons of Anarchy" final season means they have a clean slate to create, will the ghosts of SAMCRO past haunt the boys?
Twitter/ Dom Pigone

Sons of Anarchy” will rumble back into the living rooms around the nation in September with their season 7 opener, which will be the final season of the show. The cast and crew are busy filming the episodes that fans are dying to see and they’ve shared a few behind the scenes photos on Twitter as a small, but enticing dose of “Sons of Anarchy.”

According to the IB Times on June 28, Wendy is seen in a few of the photos so, with the news that she’s been signed on as a regular, one can’t help wonder if she somehow ends up as Jax’s old lady once again. When you last saw “Sons of Anarchy” Jax was sitting on his kitchen floor wailing with Tara’s bloody head in his lap.

The Latin Post reminds fans that police will be wanting to put someone in jail for Tara's death and maybe by taking Jax away to jail it will entice the real killer to come forth and save him, which of course is Gemma. If the cops get an inkling that it was the dirty work of Gemma that killed Tara, this could be a strategy they would try because it is well known that Gemma will do just about anything to protect Jax.

The timeline for the season 7 opener is just a few weeks past that scene, so emotions are still raw. Many are wondering if Jax will do time for Tara’s death. It’s hard to believe that he will because it is known among the big wigs of law enforcement how much he loves her.

When Jax came home and found Tara dead, he had just come from turning himself in to save Tara from jail time. The other hint would be that scene the police walk in on. He is in such a state of despair over losing Tara, there is no way anyone could pin the death on him.

Even if they did think Jax killed her, what how would “Sons of Anarchy” be able to offer up a good season with Jax behind bars. Most likely the murder will go unsolved for most of the season, which will give Gemma plenty of time to worry as Jax sets out to find Tara’s killer.

Somebody is going to have to watch Jax’s boys and while it could be Gemma, chances are Jax is going to respect what he thinks Tara wanted before she died and that is to have Wendy watch over the boys. Although Tara changed her mind about Wendy before she died, Jax will only learn that Wendy was the person Tara picked to take the kids if Tara ended up in jail.

Will the SAMCRO boys see ghosts this season? There’s always a possibility for the final season that some of the greats come back in ghostly form? Maybe not as a haunting, but in flashbacks or dreams. A lot of pain has rained down upon the SAMCRO boys and revisiting this will reinforce how jaded they've become.

Because it is the last season of “SOA,” the canvas is a clean slate and the writers can do pretty much what they want to without worrying how it will tie in for up and coming seasons. Will the ghosts of SAMCRO past visit the bikers?

If they did it would be great if they Started with John Teller, so Jax can find out the truth right from the horse’s mouth. Then of course they can bring back Clay who will just add to Gemma’s struggle after killing Tara and standing by as Jax killed Clay.

The ghost of Tara would be one heck of a match for Gemma and a haunting experience for Jax! While, not a thing has been said about the ghosts of SAMCRO past, you have to admit it would be great to see Opie again.

As far as who is getting killed off in this season, that's anybody’s guess, but killing off too many main players in the beginning of the season is not likely because they are down so many already due to deaths. Maggie Siff, who said in a recent interview that she has actually had some women come up to her crying over the death of Tara, hinted that the ending to “Sons of Anarchy” may surprise the fans. When Siff was asked about the ending for “Sons of Anarchy, she said:

"It's hard to imagine 'Sons of Anarchy' ending happily but I can imagine some kind of redemption for some people along the way, maybe."

Check out the latest pictures from producer Dom Pagone on Twitter for "Sons of Anarchy" here.

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