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'Sons of Anarchy' season 7: Walton Goggins returns as Venus Van Dam

The first time the 'Sons' meet Venus, she is helping them blackmail someone.
The first time the 'Sons' meet Venus, she is helping them blackmail someone.
Photo by YouTube (Screen Capture)

Sons of Anarchy” has always infused just a touch of humor into the show through the use of carefully orchestrated, off-the-wall characters. In a series that would otherwise be 60-plus minutes of drama, violence and betrayal, these glimpses into the lighter side of what makes us all human are what makes the show endearing. Endearing may be a bit of stretch for a series based on a motorcycle club that sells guns, runs drugs and dabbles in prostitution and porn but characters like Venus Van Dam are endearing. Fortunately, Zap 2 It said on July 2 that Venus is set to make a return appearance in the Season 7 of the show. Can we all say ‘Hell yeah!’?

'Sons of Anarchy' season 7: Walton Goggins returns as Venus Van Dam
Photo by Youtube (Screen Capture)

Venus is the transgender escort who turned up in Season 5 of the show and has since appeared three more times in the series. Walton Goggins who plays Van Dam was previously known for his portrayal of Boyd Crowder on “Justified” and prior to that as Detective Shane Vendrell on “The Shield.” Goggins worked to “Sons of Anarchy” creator and show runner Kurt Sutter on “The Shield.” Check out the slideshow for some images of Venus from Season 5.

News of Venus’ return for the series’ final season was announced on Twitter by Sutter himself in true Sutter fashion. "I am very happy to report that in season 7 of SOA, THERE WILL BE SOME MUTHAF***IN' VENUS!"

Goggins hinted at the possibility back in October during an interview. The actor said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if you see her again before this show is done. I’ll just say that.”

Goggins last appearance on the show as Venus was in a more serious story arc that had the Sons helping retrieve Venus’ son from her mother and a dangerous situation. At the end, Tig and Venus stood side by side as Venus’ son left town on a bus. Tig, who was infatuated from the moment he laid eyes on the big breasted woman, may get his chance for a happily ever after yet.

That Goggins is on the show at all is a surprise. He was one of 2 actors that Sutter said he would never bring on board. “The only two people who I could never have on the show are Michael Chiklis and Goggins, because of how closely relatable they are to their characters on The Shield. It would be very hard for our audience to accept them as anybody else,” Sutter said.

The versatile actor was persistent and convinced Sutter he could do it if allowed to play a transgender character. “I’ll do it if I can be a transgender. I would like to play a transgender,” Walton told Sutter.

That is the story of how Venus came to be one of the most memorable characters on "Sons of Anarchy.” The show is in production for Season 7 now. The final season is set to air on FX sometime in September.