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'Sons of Anarchy' season 7 trailer: Jax is on the warpath

Jax Teller is out for revenge. On August 6 Variety revealed the first trailer for the upcoming seventh and final season of "Sons of Anarchy," the FX biker drama about a motorcycle club in California. The one minute trailer hints that the drama, violence and antics of the club will be even more increased this year and the club is not whole like it once was. Jax is out for blood over Tara's death, and the club is the only thing he has left anymore other than Abel and Thomas.

'Sons of Anarchy' cast
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The trailer opens with a voice over by District Attorney Patterson explaining that revenge is a part of the grieving process, while shots are shown of her visiting Jax (Charlie Hunnam) in prison. Jax starts the season in jail for a parole violation, which is discovered at Tara's crime scene. Patterson mentions that violent tendencies should never become reality, but for Jax is the most likely outcome. There are shots of Jax in his house and riding along on the highway alone at night.

Jax then is shown sitting around the battle with the rest of the club and talking about the future. During season four, Jax was ready to leave Charming and the club behind to have a better life but then his circumstances changed. At the end of season six, he was helping Tara get the boys out of Charming and step away from the club, but Tara was killed. Now the club is all Jax has and he isn't about to let it go.

Meanwhile, Gemma and Juice struggle to keep their secret about Tara's murder. Gemma is shown several times to be distraught and talk to Juice about not telling Jax the truth. Juice, who has had problems lying to the Jax in the past, seems to be cracking even faster this time. Jax tells the Mayans, the Chinese and the other clubs that he no longer has a vision for the future, which had deadly consequences last time.

Throughout the trailer there are plenty of shots of Jax, Tig, Chibs, Bobby and everyone else riding and pulling guns out. A truck crashes into a box truck at one point and Jax is thrown out of another truck. The boys open fire on something off screen and Jax throws a punch of Nero in front of Gemma. Jax wants to make sure that everyone in the club is willing to die for one another before the boys all head off for war.

MTV revealed on August 6 that the final season will premiere on September 9 on FX. The first episode of the season will be ninety minutes long, continuing the trend of extended episodes from last season. The new season is expected to have thirteen episodes and most of the cast is returning including guest stars from season six. The show has brought in great ratings for FX, and it's possible that a prequel series will be made about SAMCRO in the 1960s. At San Diego Comic-Con, the show also announced that a novel is in the works about the characters.

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