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'Sons of Anarchy season 7 trailer: Jax and Gemma mortal enemies or momma's boy?

“Sons of Anarchy” season 7 is the last we will see of the SAMCRO boys and with Jax a widower with two small boys, mother material may surface via Wendy, who will be fresh from rehab. Somehow seeing Gemma taking over the kids after she scalped their mother with a kitchen utensil leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth.

"Sons of Anarchy" season 7: A time for Jax to come undone and Gemma to pull him together again? Or will he come undone and go after Gemma?
FX Sons of Anarchy promo

According to Movie Pilot on Jan 10, Drea de Matteo’s return as a cast regular seems to indicate a mother figure for Jax’s two boys. Taking into consideration that Wendy is the biological mother of his oldest, Abel, it is not a bad guess. Not too much is going to change from where season 6 left off because season 7 picks up just weeks later.

This means that Tara is probably already buried and other than a few devastating moments of memories for Jax, it will probably be business as usual for the MC president and the rest of the club. Business as usual for Jax is despising Wendy, so how will that get fixed?

Creator Kurt Sutter wanted to “remove Jax’s true north,” which suggests Jax’s compass will spin wildly out of control. This leaves the direction that Jax goes in for the final season, anyone’s guess.

Fans have seen Jax grow colder and lack empathy more and more as the seasons have progressed. When he turned himself in to save Tara from jail, this was almost like a turning point, where the old Jax was returning.

Now that Tara is dead, will he jump right back to the cold blooded killings without so much as blinking an eye? One of the most shocking events to come from Jax is when he killed the transsexual’s mother in the porn studio. The mother was played by Adrienne Barbeau who gave one of the best renditions of a heartless mother ever to cross the TV screen.

She was relentless with her nagging and her put-downs of her son turned daughter. Seeing her grandson drugged for a child porn shoot, put Jax over the top. Jax pulled that trigger, but just maybe it wasn’t someone else’s mother at the other end in his mind’s eye. It was almost as if he was taking down a piece of Gemma when he blew the woman’s brains out.

As far as his relationship with Gemma, Tara’s death could bring them closer or so far apart that she may be the real target of his next bullet. He didn’t give a second thought to pulling the trigger when it came to the only man he really knew as a father growing up, Clay. Despite all the dirty deeds that Clay passed along to the club, Jax and Tara, he had a heck of a history with the man, but he relished the moment he could end his life.

Will this be the way Gemma and Jax end up or will he still be somewhat tied to Gemma’s apron strings? Nero is probably not going to stay around much longer in the bosom of a family that that’s imploding, meaning Jax and Gemma. Can you just picture the very last episode of the "Sons" with Jax walking away from Gemma after he did her in?

Apparently Sutter wants the viewers to feel some of the aftermath of Tara’s death since he’s only jumped ahead a few weeks since Tara’s death for season 7's timeline. This will probably be where Gemma spotlights some of her best acting to Jax and Nero when it comes to being sad around Tara’s untimely passing.

Gemma’s bound to unravel, but not because her gruesome act of murder lays heavy on her shoulders, but because she could get caught. That DA is not a stupid woman, she could very well be Gemma's worst enemy for the final season while looking for Tara's killer.

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