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'Sons of Anarchy' season 7 spoilers: Will Tig die or be a last man standing?

This season of "Sons of Anarchy" could mean that everyone dies. Will Tig?
This season of "Sons of Anarchy" could mean that everyone dies. Will Tig?

Fans are sad that this fall will be the last season of "Sons of Anarchy." On March 18 Epoch Times shares one of the first spoilers for season seven involving the way things are likely to go down. The question posed is will Tig Trager die in this season or will he be one of the last men of mayhem standing?

Fans know that Tig has been on August Mark's hit list for killing his associate. He has been out for Tig since the beginning of season six and things could go either way for him. The Irish are still not happy that Jax handed them over to do business with the Niners because of their blatant racism, so really, anyone could be out for everyone in the club.

When asked about it, Kim Coates, who plays Tig has this to say about his possible death;

“If it ends up to be somewhat Hamlet’esque in its metaphors there might be one or two of us left alive and that’s it. Part of me wants to be the guy who has a smoke in one hand and my dog in the other that shuts the club lights out with my nose, and part of me wants to go down in a hail of bullets.”

Either seems to be a likely possibility. Since Tig has had a target squarely on his head for the past season, it would be amazing if he was one of the last men of mayhem standing, but it seems unlikely.

What do you think of Tig's possible death? Will he make it to the end?

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