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'Sons of Anarchy' season 7 spoilers: Will Juice win over Jax over Tara's murder?

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On Jan. 3 Enstarz shares potential spoilers of season seven of "Sons of Anarchy." While Jax will surely be grieving the loss of his wife, many are wondering whether or not Gemma will end up dying at the hand of her own son. It doesn't seem likely that Gemma will come right out and say, "I killed Tara," but that doesn't mean that someone else that knows won't do it for her.

Juice is already in trouble with Jax because he knows that he betrayed him to Nero over Darveny's death. However, Juice also knows who really killed Jax's wife, Tara, which could save him from a life sentence in prison. Besides Gemma, Juice is the only one that knows what happened to Tara, since he killed Eli Roosevelt to protect Gemma's secret.

Juice claims that he's done with the suicidal behavior, and wants to live, but only time, and the new season will really tell. Jax could go into a crazy spiral that turns into a mass murder spree, or he could accept Juice's account (perhaps with the help of the homeless girl) and let the fact sink in that his mother killed his one true love.

If Jax doesn't believe Juice, things could go very badly. Nobody is certain what exactly, the future has in store for Jax and Juice, but one thing is for certain, the seventh season of "Sons of Anarchy" is going to be a hard one for everyone. The premiere of season seven has not been announced yet, however, it's safe to say that it will likely air this fall, like all previous seasons.