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'Sons of Anarchy' season 7 spoilers: Who's in charge of Charming, new casting

Kurt Sutter says that fans should expect to see Marilyn Manson "riding the dragon" in season seven of "Sons of Anarchy."
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Season seven of "Sons of Anarchy" is set to be an explosive one without a doubt. There is no way around it with all the lose ends that need to be tied up before the show can be conclusive, but there are also going to be some changes coming to Charming due to how things were left in season six. On April 10 Latinos Post shares that SAMCRO may be the new leaders of Charming now that there is no sheriff in town since Juice shot him in the season finale to cover up Gemma's murdering her daughter-in-law Tara.

Kurt Sutter recently stated in one of his famous WTFSutter episodes that he doesn't plan on adding a new sheriff in Charming because it's been done before. Without a sheriff, things could get messy, especially since SAMCRO has always seemingly been the strong-arm of the law. Since everyone of the Original 9 is now gone, SAMCRO is composed of mostly new members, and out-of-towners that have been recruited to rebuild the Redwood Charter due to encroaching gangs that want nothing more than to move into Charming.

When it comes to adding cast members this season, it's already been confirmed that David LaBrava and Niko Nicotera will be upgraded to series regulars. Sutter says, after listening to one of Marilyn Manson's new songs, that fans can expect to see him riding the dragon in season seven. For those that don't know, that is slang for a heroin junkie. The rest of the cast is going to be relatively safe as well this season as Sutter says it would be difficult to get rid of people that fans have grown to love like family when Jax's "moral compasses" are gone.

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