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‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 7 spoilers, prequel news from Kurt Sutter

‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 7 spoilers, prequel news from Kurt Sutter
Photo by Frederick M. Brown

"Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter was recently interviewed by Larry King. Many of the questions Sutter answered, according to the Latin Post on April 29, came from fans who posted them on Facebook and Twitter. Sutter is a big Twitter fan. He often tweets spoilers and generally has fun with fans there.

Fans of the show know Jax often reads from his father’s journal. Sutter was asked if he had any intentions of ever releasing the journal. His response was surprising to many in that he revealed how the journal ties into the prequel he has in the works. "The idea initially was to make John Teller's manuscript a book, and I think I'm going to wait until I do the prequel because so much of that informs the prequel."

The SAMCRO prequel, Sutter said back in January, would be set around the time of the Vietnam War and focus on the founding members of the “Sons of Anarchy.” It would explain the feud that developed between John Teller and Clay Murrow.

The showrunner also talked about how difficult writing season 7 would be for him, given the time and emotional investment he has with the characters. "I don't think it'll be any harder in terms of story," he said. "At some point emotionally I think it will be difficult as I get close to the end."

With the show still months away – the premiere is expected to be sometime in September – speculation on what could happen in season 7 of the motorcycle club drama is rampant. In response to some of that, Sutter recently tweeted, "and S7 is completely in iambic pentameter, filmed in black and white, and the antagonist is a schizophrenic tree nymph."

What we do know is that Jax will be dealing with Tara’s death. The big question on everyone’s mind is how and when will he find out that his wife, his ‘true north’ died at the hands of Gemma, his mother. When he does find out, how will he react? We certainly don’t want to be anywhere near Gemma when Jax finds out what she did.

Whatever Sutter has in mind for his Men of Mayhem, we’re sure it will be everything we are hoping for and more. Until September, we will keep you updated on any news, spoilers and have a little fun with some speculation ourselves from time to time.

Sons of Anarchy” season 7 will premiere on FX in September. See you then!

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