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'Sons of Anarchy' season 7 spoilers: More nudity in final season

In a recent interview, Theo Rossi revealed that fans should expect to see more naked Jax.
In a recent interview, Theo Rossi revealed that fans should expect to see more naked Jax.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In a recent interview with Theo Rossi, who plays Juice in the hit biker drama "Sons of Anarchy,"shared by International Business Times on Thursday, fans can expect to see more nudity in the final season. When it comes to who will be doing more nude scenes, the answer was a bit muddy, but it sounds like Jax and possibly Juice will have some bare scenes this season.

Specifically, Rossi says that a naked Juice is never good. His previous nude scenes included him wearing a diaper, and then again when Gemma had her fist in his mouth forcing him to throw up the pills he took when he tried to kill himself after murdering Darmody for her silence. However, when Jax is naked, he's either in the shower, on top of a girl, or somehow showing off his huge back tattoo. It always looks cool.

In this coming season, It's expected that Jax will likely be riding nomad, looking for his wife's killers. Juice likely won't be hanging around in the clubhouse either, since he is already on Jax's bad side. Now that Jax is on the hunt, Juice will have even more reason to lay low and go into hiding because it's likely that Jax will kill him when he finds out. Rossi says that he has dreamed of being the last man standing, but if it were possible it would be because he was hiding in the leaves, trying to be discrete.

Filming for the final season will begin next month, and fans are dying to see how things will turn out. There are several big arcs that Kurt Sutter has already developed and there are many ends to tie up, however, it's been stated that he doesn't plan on killing everyone off because they have grown to be like family to many fans.