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'Sons of Anarchy' season 7 predictions: Jax's new old lady to annihilate Gemma?

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“Sons of Anarchy” season 7 comes with a major shift for the SAMCRO president and now widower, Jax. When viewers last saw Jax he was in the depths of despair, wailing on the floor with his bloody and dead wife in his hands. He just missed his mother, who brutally bludgeoned the woman he loved to death. Jax is due for some major unraveling when season 7 opens.

According EnStarz on Dec. 26, the spoilers just released has the family dynamics of the Teller family drastically changed. What Jax turns into is in the hands of the writers, but creator Kurt Sutter isn’t giving any hints on the “direction it will push him in.” Sutter conveys that he is saving that for the fans to see when the next season begins.

A good fit for Jax's new old lady would be someone who gives Gemma a run for her money. The story lines for the final season of "Sons of Anarchy" are endless, but a devious minded gal to trump Gemma on every move would be a great story line of revenge for what Gemma's done. Wouldn't it be great to see Jax's next old lady run circles around Gemma's games with defensive moves no one has yet accomplished?

Opie’s death crushed Jax, now with Tara gone, he really has no one left he trusts. Sutter suggests that the last of Jax’s “moral compass” is gone. It was Opie and Tara who kept him in check. While he seemed to bounce back from Opie's death after an appropriate mourning period, the death of Tara is different. When Opie died Jax still had Tara. Now that the two folks that he loved the most in this world are gone, there's no telling how this will change the number one SAMCRO brother.

While suggestions of Jax taking Wendy back on as an old lady may seem far-fetched, just think for a minute about why this may make sense. Along with loving Tara deeply, Jax held her in high regard. Her love for those boys inevitably lead to her death, a point that hit Jax hard and continue to for the rest of his days.

Tara was originally planning the escape for her boys to keep them out of harm’s way. The one person she trusted to take over the boys in case she met her demise was Wendy. That is going to put a lot of credit towards Wendy when it comes to Jax in the future.

Unless Jax learns that Wendy betrayed Tara, hooking up with Wendy could somehow be like honoring Tara’s dying wish in Jax’s mind. This could work, but Wendy has outlived her usefulness on the show. She was great for stirring trouble, but how exciting would the "Sons of Anarchy" be in its final season with Wendy as an ex-junkie housewife?

Besides his future love life, he’s got a sticky line to walk with mommy dearest, Gemma.Jax has always been able to rationalize his mother’s thinking. While it might take some time, he comes around and excepts her back into his life after every stunt she's pulled.

He has been able to keep her in his inner circle through one betrayal after another using this strategy. If he does find out it was Gemma who killed his wife, will Tara’s death be any different? Will she convince him this time that she killed Tara because she thought that she betrayed Jax and the club?

Now that Tara is gone, it seems the story line needs the mystery of Gemma hiding the fact that she killed Tara from Jax, at least early on in the seventh and last season. Gemma didn’t look too stable as the camera shot her last look of the season after finding out that it was Jax who gave up the club to save Tara from jail.

Gemma killed Tara while under the impression that she ratted out Jax and the club. Finding out differently took away that sick righteousness Gemma was clinging to. By being able to label Tara as a rat, this would of let her live with herself knowing that she killed Tara protecting the club.

Instead Tara’s death has left Gemma frazzled. Hints that she starts off with a diminished mental capacity in season 7 are coming from a few different spoilers today. Mother and son start off the season in a place within their own heads from which there may be no escape.

Sutter did drop a few hints that Gemma will face some great challenges in season 7 trying to keep herself from being tagged with Tara’s murder. Gemma has made the mistake of letting Nero see too much of the club and her family’s inner workings in the past. It has scared him and made him a bit confused about who Gemma really is.

If Gemma dumps anymore of her dirty deeds on his lap, Nero might just bolt. If Gemma got wind of his departure, she might even have him targeted after spinning another story out of her web that sucks in the SAMCRO boys. She’s a dangerous woman and probably the most dangerous character on “Sons of Anarchy.”

The only one that is safe from death around her is Jax and of course her “grand babies.” She has no loyalty to any man as she jumps ship when trouble brews, she drops them without looking back.

Will Jax bed down Wendy or will he amp up his relationship with the madam of his house of ill repute? Chances are a roll in the hay with his hooker colleague will only do him in. She will certainly bring back the memories of Tara catching him in bed with her.

This might be enough to wipe her off the list of Jax’s new old lady possibilities. There's always a chance someone completely different will enter the picture. He's had the ex-junkie and then the doctor, so what kind of gal would be a good candidate for Jax's new love interest? How about a cop or someone in law enforcement?


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