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'Sons of Anarchy' season 7 pictures: New behind the scene photos: Slideshow

Sons of Anarchy” is ready to go into production for season 7 and as usual the story line is kept tightly under wraps. A few behind the scenes photos were posted on the “SOA” Twitter page as a way to wet the appetite of fans. One of the things most noted is Jax losing his scruffiness, he’s clean-shaven in the pictures, as International Business Times points out on May 26.

"Sons of Anarchy" Season 7 releases the first pictures of a clean-shaven Jax behind the scenes.
Twitter / SOA
"Sons of Anarchy" season 7 looks like Jax, a clean-shaven Jax, is learning his script.
FX Sons of Anarchy promo

A new major character has been added to season 7, declares Kurt Sutter, who is the brain child behind "SOA." He gives no hints as to who this is, but he does say that this character will be in at least eight episodes with the SAMCRO boys, according to Epoch Times today. He wouldn't even say if it was a male or a female who he was bringing on board.

You can only imagine this new character, who is already scripted into many of the episodes, might just be a new love interest for Jax. He has to have some kind of "old lady" even if it isn't someone he is soul mates with, like he was with Tara.

The new pictures coming out from behind the scenes are posted to Dominic Pagone’s Twitter page and he warns fans not to “over analyze” these pictures. Don’t forget that Jax is just coming off filming a movie where he appears clean shaven opposite Guillermo del Torro.

While that’s a good excuse for Jax to be cropped clean, he still could have grown that five o’clock shadow in a day’s time, for “Sons of Anarchy” in he needed to. So it looks as if he may be keeping his face clean and neat on purpose. There you have it, over analyzed, just like Pagone warned against!

A couple of the Twitter pictures show Jax on his bike, but there’s no scenery or anything in the picture. Is he up against the green screen and will the computer fill in his biker journey for these shots?

The show’s creator has revealed that what Jax experienced in the season 6 finale will have a major impact on Jax going forward. Last fans saw of Jax he was holding his wife’s bloody and lifeless body wailing on the kitchen floor of his home.

When “Sons” returns with season 7, only a few weeks have passed since Tara’s death and a lot is hanging in the balance. Jax is still raw and Gemma is shaking in her boots that her son will find out what she did.

Jax has no idea that his own mother was the one who brutally scalped his wife. This will hang over Gemma’s head for the last season in the show. She loves those "grand babies" of hers and if Jax does find out she killed their mother, he probably would end all grandma time, but who knows where this show will take the very bizarre mother and son relationship.

There’s no hint as to when, if ever, Jax will find out that Gemma was the one who took Tara’s life. If this comes to materialize this season, it is going to be one big blow out. It’s hard to believe if Jax finds out that Gemma ended Tara’s life that he would let her live, even though she is his own mother.

"Sons of Anarchy" will preview season 7 on September 10. That means it is only the summer that stands between the fans and the new "SOA" episodes!

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