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Sons of Anarchy Season 7 on FX

The aftermath of a "Mothers Work" and what to expect from SOA season 7
The aftermath of a "Mothers Work" and what to expect from SOA season 7

Kurt Sutter has once again proven he is a genius mastermind with "Sons of Anarchy." He is working on the upcoming and final season of Son's, and he has decided to possibly extend it beyond its normal 13 episode standard.

Alongside more episodes will be new music from Marilyn Manson according to Sutter's "WTF Sutter" video blog.

He said he "inquired with FX about ordering additional episodes." Fans are still waiting to hear the outcome of FX's decision. Obstacles are trying to be removed or negotiated.

The main questions on fans minds are what will happen to those boys, and Can Jax forgive Gemma? The season 6 finale“A Mother’s Work,” left a lot to the imagination. Quite a few long months lie ahead for fans who are on the edge of their seats and desperately seeking spoilers for SOA season 7.

Jax was left overcome with devastating grief, looking at prison and holding his dead wife in his arms as the police walked into him being covered in her blood and a deceased Sheriff Eli Roosevelt. While holding Tara's lifeless body he let out a genuine scream that brought tears to the eyes of even the burliest of Anarchy fans.

Did the lady D.A. finally get what she needed to put an end to Jax Teller and SAMCRO? It could go either way, but in true Sutter fashion fans know not to expect the obvious.

Even team Gemma has a hard time not feeling bad for Jax and Tara on this one. However, team Gemma knows she did it for her "boys." Gemma was willing to kill for Jax and those boys. The thing is, Tara was Jax's heart. If he ever finds out Gemma may want to avoid getting caught where meat forks lying around. Look at the heartlessness he used killing Clay, and he knows that Gemma played a part in his fathers death. Will this push him over the edge?

You can count on Jax to be ruthless, but whether or not the truth surfaces wont be known until September 2014 when SOA season 7 airs on FX.

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