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'Sons of Anarchy' season 7: Just how bad will Jax break in the aftermath?

"Sons of Anarchy" just might see "Breaking Bad's" Aaron Paul straddle a Harley!
"Sons of Anarchy" just might see "Breaking Bad's" Aaron Paul straddle a Harley!
FX Sons of Anarchy promo

“Sons of Anarchy” looks to be getting much more interesting for season 7 with creator Kurt Sutter looking to have Aaron Paul of “Breaking Bad” fame on the show. Paul has that personality that could make him one mystifying biker.

According to Zap2It on March 7, when Sutter was asked who he’d like to fill some of the new roles this season, his response was "Aaron Paul." Put him and Jax side by side and they could pass as brothers.

Jax already has a half-sister in Ireland, so why not a half-brother from up north or down south? Paul would look right at home on a Harley donned in roughed up leather and chains. Wouldn’t it be cool for Paul to be a long-lost half Teller brother that Gemma never knew about?

One thing Sutter just has to do this season is give Gemma a new arch-enemy now that Tara is gone. While it would probably work best if it were another woman, Gemma could hold her own against male or female.

What about Paul being Gemma’s long-lost son, one she gave up for adoption years ago? That would throw some sibling rivalry Jax’s way, something he never dealt with before. Paul could show up a fine upstanding citizen and Gemma could corrupt him in a couple of episodes. From suit to leather, that would make a great story line and if anyone could corrupt someone quickly, that would be Gemma!

Any role they put Paul in, he is bound to do it justice. He has that deep dark inner layer that makes him a mysterious bad boy. Where do you think Sutter should use the talents of Aaron Paul if he does take him on?

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