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‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 7: Juice is a threat to Gemma, has a decision to make

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The “Sons of Anarchy” will begin taking their #FinalRIde when Season 7 kicks off in less than two weeks. One of the biggest stories unfolding in this season is what will become of Juice. International Business Times hinted on Aug. 27 that he could even rat Gemma out to Jax. Now wouldn’t that be interesting. Let’s explore that idea, shall we?

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As you will most vividly recall form the Season 6 finale, Juice stumbled into Jax’s home just after Gemma had forked Tara to death. Upon learning from Sheriff Eli, who arrived with him, that Tara was innocent of betraying the club, Juice killed the sheriff with his own gun and then hustled the stunned Gemma out of there. Moments later Jax arrived and discovered the brutal scene and his dead wife’s body.

Gemma and Juice have formed an unholy alliance. Both know what the other did. Both can choose to protect the other one or betray them. We know from other spoilers that Gemma is going to frame a rival gang for Tara’s murder. Moviepilot reported that direct and executive producer Paris Barclay hinted that the result of that set up is going to be a grisly massacre.

Juice, who is on the outs with the SAMCRO, goes into hiding. Gemma and one other person, who discovers his secret, are his only allies. But is Gemma really an ally?

Gemma is going to frame a rival gang for Tara’s murder. We’ve seen her in action before and Tara’s murder is the perfect example of what Mama Bear is capable of when she feels she or her family is being threatened. If she decides to save her own skin, she could easily frame Juice for The murder. Juice is no idiot. He knows this

This leaves him with very few choices. He could try to run but where would he go that SAMCRO and its allies couldn’t find him? He could take Gemma out himself but then he’d have to face Jax for that, too, which would put him back on the path of fleeing so that doesn’t work. Really, the only option is to face Jax and tell him what happened. He still might survive but it’s the best chance he has at this point.

Sons of Anarchy” Season 7 premieres with an hour and 45-minute episode on Tuesday, Sept. 9 of FX. In the meantime, check out the slideshow. We’ve got a few more pictures for you.