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'Sons of Anarchy' season 7: 'Jax naked' not as enticing as Jax drawing blood?

'Sons of Anarchy' season 7 hints to more "naked Jax," but is that what the viewers are really looking forward too?
'Sons of Anarchy' season 7 hints to more "naked Jax," but is that what the viewers are really looking forward too?
"Sons of Anarchy" FX

Sons of Anarchy” season 7 has fans anticipating the day that it thunders back into the living rooms around the nation. What can you expect from the SAMCRO boys this time around as they play their way off the stage and close out the show for good?

According to IBTimes on May 3, fans can look forward to more of “naked Jax.” “Sons of Anarchy” is in a category all of its own when it comes to fans of the show. There’s a good chance that the folks who watch this show do so for other reasons than a hopeful glimpse of a naked Jax.

While seeing that tattooed back, for a second or two reminds the viewers how much SAMCRO means to Jax, it’s not a glimpse of Jax’s naked body that drives this show. It’s the realistic biker community and their deeds that draws in the masses.

A few might find a naked Jax the main attraction, but that would be about it. So throwing out that hint probably won’t do as much for the ratings in comparison to a hint of Jax, Juice and Jemma being in some kind of nasty brawl. This is what makes this show click as “Sons of Anarchy” is light on the love scenes probably for that very reason.

The scenes of Jax in bed are usually roused by a crying baby or the sounds of Tara making breakfast. The one scene when he bedded down the madam of the cat house got very interesting when Tara ripped through like a true biker old lady. Now that she's gone, Gemma can take the cat fight spotlight if they give her a reason to fight for Nero.

Theo Rossi, who plays Juice, does not know his fate yet. Spoilers show Jax letting him know he betrayed Jax and the club. For all Rossi knows he could end up under a “pile of leaves,” after last season’s finale. Juice holds a lot of secrets for both Jax and Gemma.

Besides the nakedness of Jax being passed along as a spoiler today the whispers of Marilyn Manson playing a heroin addict on season 7 are bouncing around online, according to They have a different take on Juice, saying that he just may be one of the last guys standing when the series ends.

Juice said he’s heard the “whole Hamlet” comparison because of all the major characters that have been killed off on the show. Juice dreams of being the last guy standing if they do have everyone dying at the ending of this show. As far as seeing Juice naked again, when he was asked, he quipped that it’s always better to see Jax naked.

While it seems like it has been a while since last seeing Jax in deep despair cradling his dead wife and wailing on the floor, when “Sons of Anarchy” returns, it will only be a few weeks that have gone by for the characters. Tara’s death will be raw in Jax’s mind.

His life has imploded and he doesn’t know that his mother killed Tara because Gemma thought that Tara turned in Jax. Gemma will be in some state of disrepair when she has to live with taking her grandbabies’ mother’s life and she didn't need to do this because her son had everything under control.

Emotions are sure to run high when “Sons of Anarchy” returns for season 7 with just two weeks under their belts since Tara’s death. There's always that chance that Jax goes over the edge after losing Tara and the viewers will see the SOA president in a light that they've never seen him in before.

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